Have you ever wondered how to keep track of your AdWords competitors easily? Your answer would be “AdWords Auction Insights Data”. However, within clutter of data in Auction Insights report, it is really cumbersome to find the information easily that makes sense to you and your business. Had AdWords reporting been customizable as per your needs, marketing would have been a lot easier. But the reality is AdWords does not currently provide any such feature. So how do you do it?

Well, the answer is “Scripts”. If you haven’t tried them yet in your AdWords reports or seen any presentations about them, you might be wondering ‘what’s the big deal? In this article, I’ll walk you step by step through the process to keep a hawk’s eye on your competitor.

What are the Scripts & how to use them?

In this case, we’re going to use “Google Apps Script” that will help you extract valuable information from your Auctions Insight data. As the name “Google Apps Script” suggests, we are going to use Google Sheets for the task.
Open a new Google sheet & go to the “Script editor” under “Tools” menu.


Click on “Script editor” & it will open in a new tab with some sample code as shown below:


What you need to do is delete the sample script & paste the code given below. Before saving the script, you should make sure you replace the variables such as dateFormat & currencySymbol according to your requirements. If you wish to add CPC data in the reports that are anything but in English, change costColumnName and clicksColumnName to the terms that refer to these in your language. After making the necessary edits, click “Save” & you’ll be asked for a project name. Call your project whatever you want & you’re ready to go.

The Google Apps script for campaign comparison is as follows:


After updating the script, go to AdWords account & download your Auction Insights report, segmented by week or month, whatever you prefer. Open the report in text editor such as Notepad and copy the information into the Google Sheet respectively, starting in cell A1.


Then, the onEdit function from the script will fire, creating a bunch of sheets & charts based upon your Auction Insights data.


Here in the graphs, a comparison between you & your competitors will give a clear understanding of various insights. Let us know in the comments below if you experimented with the script.

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